Partner with us


Craft beverage makers can work with Not Nice by:

  • Providing cans, either waste cans from their canning line or on-site consumption, or new cans in advance of a beverage release
  • Selling earrings or bolo ties we make using their can designs, stocked in a traditional merchandise area or at the counter
  • Collaborating on custom orders for special projects, such as holiday gifts or workwear for staff, or as gifts for suppliers, partners, or brand ambassadors


But the reasons why craft beverage makers partner with us are even more interesting! Benefits include:

  • Driving conversation around your brand. Our earrings are natural conversation starters, turning customers into enthusiastic brand ambassadors and word-of-mouth marketers. Typically, the wearer will be complimented on their earrings, and responds by noting that they are made from upcycled aluminum cans. They're also likely to name the craft beer, wine, water, or cocktail they're made from, opening up a conversation about craft beverages, with you at the center.
  • Diversifying your merch. Most of the merchandise sold at craft breweries is male-leaning or at best unisex, ordered in case quantities for individual designs. Not Nice can provide mixed cases of earrings or bolo ties in a variety of designs based on your can art and merchandising approach, helping you deliver attractive merchandise options to your entire customer base.
  • Representing your brand values. Not Nice earrings and other accessories are sustainably made, using less than 10% of the materials of other fast fashion earrings. Offering upcycled finished goods showcases your brand’s commitment to recycling and reuse as well as your creativity and optimism.
  • Merchandising ROI. At busy breweries, we’ve seen consistent sales as high as 20 pairs a month from repeat customers. And affordably-priced, on-brand, handmade items can be “wallet openers” that convert drive-by merch area visitors into committed purchasers open to adding other items to an existing sale.

Interested? If your artwork is printed directly on cans, there is a strong chance that we will find exciting designs in them that we can repurpose into accessories that will sell. We’d love to explore working with you!


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