About Us

In 2020, inspired by artisans who make jewelry from vintage steel tins, Jennifer McNichols saw an opportunity to innovate and improve the quality and range of “beerings” (a term we avoid) to satisfy and inspire a more sophisticated consumer. Leveraging her background as an artist focused on color photography, she began applying her knowledge of color theory and composition to the gorgeously illustrated cans that were spreading through the craft beverage community, particularly in craft beers.

She soon brought on her husband Jeremiah, whose background in sales theory, training, and strategic planning helped shape plans for a sustainable business that could have a meaningful impact on the destructive practices of fast fashion brands.

Over the years that followed, Jennifer and Jeremiah sold their earrings at artisan pop-up markets around Central Texas while they experimented with materials, production methods, and design improvements that addressed the challenges involved in working with aluminum cans. There was no guidance available to solve the problems they faced, and most of the features of Not Nice earrings were developed in-house, from our supplemental layer of sustainable cork that makes our featherweight earrings slightly heavier and significantly more durable, to our clear coat dipping process that makes them scratch- and UV-resistant.

Why “Not Nice”?

While studying art history, studio art and religion at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, a dear friend told Jennifer that she thought she was “kind, but not very nice.” The observation stuck with her (and so did the friend!), and over time became an important part of her understanding of herself.

The words "nice" and "kind" are often used interchangeably, but they are quite different.

Nice typically describes someone who is pleasant, agreeable, and socially appropriate. When you say someone is "nice," it might imply they are polite, friendly, and easy to get along with in a general sense. But being "nice" can be superficial, focusing on appearances and on following social rules and taboos.

Kind goes deeper into the character of a person. It implies a genuine and heartfelt concern for others. Being kind involves acting with empathy, compassion, and generosity.

Jennifer decided to name her jewelry company "Not Nice" to highlight the importance of standing up for what you believe will lead to positive social outcomes, even if it makes others uncomfortable, while also challenging consumers to rethink what they value in their jewelry. Our earrings are not the “nice” earrings that showcase your disposable income to the world, but they are made with love and care and a sense of responsibility to our planet and its future generations.

Our view is that people buy earrings that are “not nice” all the time, rarely considering these products' origins and hidden costs. Our goal is to offer competitively-priced earrings that offer a richer backstory than fast fashion earrings, have benefits that matter to consumers (take a load off of your ears!) and provide customers peace of mind by purchasing a product that uses minimal new materials. Along the way, we hope you'll find that our earrings - and their makers - are quite nice after all!